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Mega yachts are luxurious, spacious and more than comfortable. They come with full, professionally trained crew and are intended for those seeking ultimate comfort and relaxation.

With mega yachts, it is all about details. They are maintained to perfection, and made entirely to suit the wishes of the guest. Elegance, style and luxury are imperative.

When sailing with a luxury yacht, all you need to do is relax and enjoy yourself, and the crew will take care of all everything on board.


About sailing yachts and yacht charter in TurkeySailing yachts are a choice of more experienced yachtsmen, or those less experienced ones, but searching for more active sailing holiday. Compared to motor yachts, they are much more complicated and difficult to navigate, but the advances and developments in the boating technologies have made sailing safer and easier.

Besides giving you the taste of adventure and excitement, modern sailing yachts also make a comfortable living area, especially larger models. They are also more economical than motor yachts in fuel consumption, and more eco-friendly because their main motive is wind power and not engine.

Catamarans are multi-hull sailing boats, that are known for stability, spaciousness and comfort and easy navigation. It is a great choice for yachtsmen with little experience, for small children or large crews.


Navigating a motor yacht requires little experience or special skills. These boats are simple to manage, fast and comfortable. If you are looking for a yacht that will quickly take you places and provide you with all the features for a pleasurable and comfortable cruising, motor yachts are the right choice for you.

Their shallow draft is another of their advantages, because you can approach all those secluded shallower beaches you couldn’t with a sailing yacht.

Power boats are a special category of motor yachts. Riding a power boat is a true high-speed adventure, for a thrilling time at sea.


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