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Weather is conditioned by variety of climates in Turkey due to diverse nature of the landscape. Each region with different conditions, from the Mediterranean climate to the Continental one, and then the temperate climate of the Black Sea region with the greatest amount of the rainfall.

The Aegean and Mediterranean coasts have a typical Mediterranean climate with very hot, dry summers and wet and mild winters. Summer season for tourists lasts generally from July to September, in the South Aegean and Mediterranean from April to October. It is the high summer season which is not usual for northern parts of the country, the season is a bit shorter further towards the north.

As to the spring and autumn, the weather is pretty favourable. So, it would be the best period to visit Turkey since it is not too hot nor cold, just perfect for vacation. However, one can choose both summer for swimming or winter for skiing, due to many beautiful resorts.

Winters can be rather rough, very cold and snowy, specially in the eastern part of the country for some roads and mountain passes may close due to ice and snow. Winters here are bitterly cold with frequent, heavy snowfall.

Black Sea Coast is characterized by warm summers, mild winters and relatively high rainfall. Central Anatolia has got hot, dry summers and cold winters, while Eastern Anatolia is characterized by long snowy cold winters with mild summers. Southeast Anatolia is a region with hot summer with mild, rainy winters. May is generally the wettest month and July and August the driest.

While in Turkey during the summer vacation, one should bring light, cotton summer clothing, and warmer clothing and cardigans perhaps for evenings or higher altitudes.


General Informations

Turkey is is an alluring destination, with magnificent scenery of picturesque coves and rocky headlands, turquoise waters, golden beaches and pine forests. Many harbours, beautiful resorts such as Antalya, Fethiye, Kas, Marmaris, Hisaronu… and sunshine make it more enchanting.


Turkey has been called the cradle of civilization. Catalhoyuk is a neolithic city and the first town in the world which dates back to 6,500 BC. Turkey is a country of rich historical and cultural heritage.


Turkish cuisine cannot be distinguished with the basic meal but it stands out for its variety, ways of preparing and preserving food, techniques, eating manners, equipment and utensils required for preparation.

Culture and events

The Turkish culture is rather diverse, influenced by the Ottoman Empire, European and Islamic traditions and is reflected in different aspects of life. Architecture was quite important with social and religious complex built around the mosques