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With the surface of 814,578 square km, Turkey is situated in the Eastern Mediterranean; 3% of the country called Thrace partly in Europe and with another part of 97% in Asia, called Anatolia or Asia Minor.

Surrounded by the Black Sea in the north, the Mediterranean Sea in the south and the Aegean Sea in the west, Turkey boasts with 8333 km of wonderful coastline. The Sea of Marmara is located between the Istanbul Bogazi – Bosphorus and the Canakkale Bogazi – Dardanelles; the straits that divide those two parts (Thrace and Anatolia).

The country is divided into seven geographical regions: Black Sea Region, Marmara Region, Aegean Region, Mediterranean Region, these were given names of the seas, then Central Anatolia Region, Eastern Anatolia Region and Southeastern Anatolia Region, named according to the location. Turkey is a magnificent country with interesting past, rich heritage and culture, a country of lakes, rivers, mountains, sea and sun, an extraordinary place with much to offer to its visitors.


Turkey is an alluring destination, with magnificent scenery of picturesque coves and rocky headlands, turquoise waters, golden beaches and pine forests. Many harbours, beautiful resorts such as Antalya, Fethiye, Kas, Marmaris, Hisaronu…and sunshine make it more enchanting.


Set sail for turquoise waters of the four seas of Turkey. You will surely experience a sailing adventure of historical and cultural features. Turkey is a land of ancient cities, magnificent scenery, rugged coastline, grand cliffs, warm, clear waters and favorable winds.


The best seasons to visit Turkey would probably be spring and autumn, because of the perfect climate during that time in Istanbul and on the Aegean and Mediterranean coast, when the daily temperatures are pleasant.