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Sailing Boat Hanse 540
Hanse 5402007.16.15 m (53 ft)
3 Cabins7 BerthsAt marina:Bodrumfrom 3,150€
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Sailing Boat Hanse 470
Hanse 4702008.14.19 m (46.5 ft)
3 Cabins8 BerthsAt marina:Marmarisfrom 2,180€
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Sailing Boat Hanse 375
Hanse 3752011.11.35 m (37.2 ft)
3 Cabins6 BerthsAt marina:Fethiyefrom 1,420€

Shipbuilding of Hanse yachts has a very long tradition in the Hanseatic city of Greifswald, where for many centuries people earned their living from fishing and seafaring. With their practiced craftsmanship and a passion for the sea inherited from generation to generation, the local artisans have always built ships and boats of the best quality. Hanse is a manufacturer that has been growing in the last years. That growing is based on the quality of their boats that are a very good compromise between quality, price, performance and cruising amenities.