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A sailing vacation is an excellent option for it provides flexibility, independence and you can escape the crowd on shore and set sail to the open sea.

Once you’ve decided to spend your vacation on board, you should consider the area you would like to explore and show the best of your navigational skills. Take into consideration weather conditions, prices, your intended expenses, safe areas…for they will determine your choice.

You should consider also the type of charter, that is, who you are traveling with, whether it will be a family vacation, single vacation, or vacation with friends etc. This will help you decide on boat type and activities.
Your budget plays an important role in vacation planning. Try and contact your charter company to give you the best option according to your intended expenses. You’ll have the opportunity to choose a boat that best suits your needs, from the small ones to the luxury yachts; either it will be a sailing or a motor yacht.

Also depending on your budget and your skills of course, you can decide whether to choose a bareboat charter and be a skipper yourself, thus taking responsibility for safety on board, then a skippered charter and hire a professional skipper who will take up handling of your boat, or you can choose a fully crewed charter, which requires more expenses, but it provides vacation in style where you can enjoy at full.

Try and narrow your choices of boats or ask your charter company for an advice. Then comes the payment procedure. We suggest you read carefully all the articles of payment conditions to avoid any possible inconveniences.

Once you’ve made all the arrangements regarding your sailing vacation, try and gather as much information as you can that will help you pack your luggage and prepare yourself for a pleasant journey. You’ll need to arrange other details as well; provisioning options, customs and passport requirements, itineraries, airline tickets, etc…Beware you do it all in time. The whole procedure may appear to you as the complicated one for there are numerous details that one must take care of. However, if you think you cannot plan all yourself, let your charter company do all the details for you.


Sailing vacation in Turkey

Set sail for turquoise waters of the four seas of Turkey. You will surely experience a sailing adventure of historical and cultural features. Turkey is a land of ancient cities, magnificent scenery, rugged coastline, grand cliffs, warm, clear waters and favorable winds.


Some of the charter itineraries in Turkey cover regions such as Marmaris, Bodrum, Antalya and are available as 7 or 14 day round trips.

Crusising the coast of Turkey

Turkey is surrounded by turquoise waters of the four seas, the Mediterranean, the Aegean, the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara. Its indented coastline provides splendid bays, coves, inlets and different anchorages for yachtsmen where they can enjoy various water sport activities.

Bases in Turkey

Turkey is a land of four seas, thus it boasts of numerous ports and marinas. Here are some of the most important ports in the north along the coast of the Black Sea: Istanbul, Trabzon, Samsun and Sinop.

Marinas in Turkey

Yachting has become extremely popular activity in Turkey which resulted in a large number of marinas all along the coast, between Istanbul and Antalya. Besides providing all the facilities one needs during his stay, most marinas offer different entertainment activities as well.