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Yachting has become extremely popular activity in Turkey which resulted in a large number of marinas all along the coast, between Istanbul and Antalya.

Besides providing all the facilities one needs during his stay, most marinas offer different entertainment activities as well, not only within the area of marinas but in their surroundings. For instance, one can set sail from either Ataköy Marina or Kalamis Fenerbahce to explore the breathtaking Bosphorus and sail under the bridge that connects Asia to Europe.

The Black Sea coast abounds in lush, green well protected environment with many coves and fishing harbors. Though this coastline lacks in natural harbors, there can be found some sheltered ports.
The most established marinas can be found on the southern Aegean and Mediterranean coast; Izmir, Cesme, Kusadasi, Bodrum, Ayvalik, Mersin, Datca, Bozburun, Marmaris, Gocek, Fethiye, Kalkan, Kas, Finike, Kerner and Antalya. All the marinas are well equipped providing all the services and facilities to yachtsmen.
Most marinas are first class with extensive technical support, repair and various services. Some of the finest marinas are Gocek, Bodrum and Ataköy Marina. However, the first class marinas require more expenses for overnight stay. Fewer expenses can be expected in small harbors, but still with quays with water and electricity.

Some of the best marinas in Turkey:

Istanbul – Ataköy marina
Istanbul – Setur Kalamis and Fenerbahçe marina
Izmir – Levent marina
Cesme – Setur Cesme marina
Kusadasi – Setur Kusadasi marina
Bodrum – Port Bodrum Yalikavak marina
Marmaris – Netsel Marmaris marina
Fethiye – Ece Saray marina
Finike – Setur Finike marina
Göcek – Club marina

What makes all the marinas and ports excellent is the functionality along with the safety.

It is important to consult the nautical guide with charts and all the information about marinas along the coast. As you will notice, the marinas in Turkey are all well equipped and offer a really good infrastructure, berths for all types of boats and yachts, various facilities and services (electricity, water, shower, bars and restaurants, shops etc.)

Not only you can enjoy all the marina services, but you can attend different sailing events, cultural events, concerts, shows…

MARINA is an artificial or natural structure used for boat anchorage and equipped with all the facilities and services.

PONTOON is an internal structure of a port, floating or fixed, with berths for boats. When entering a marina prepare the boat fenders on each side to protect your boat from collision, stay far from the ferries and other boats.

Remember to give the advantage to boats coming to your right side. Respect the speed allowed in the port.


The marina is located on the European coast of Istanbul and it is easily accessible. It has an open-air swimming pool with panoramic view of Istanbul and the Sea of Marmara. Ten miles off shore, the Princes’ Islands, have safe harbors and anchorages for yachts. The marina organizes several international competitions.

Latitude: 40°58.22’N
Longitude: 28°52.55’E
Berths: 700
18 for yachts from 25 to 30m
6 for yachts over 30m
Max. length: 75m
Max. draught: 6m
Max. beam: 15m


This is the largest of the Setur Marinas. It is located in one of the most beautiful bays of Istanbul and it provides quality service with beauties of the old city. It is ideal starting base to the cruising grounds of the Princess Islands and the Sea of Marmara.

Latitude: 40°58.42’N
Longitude: 29°02.12’E
Berths: 976
50 for yachts from 25 to 30m
5 for yachts over 30m
Max. length: 70m
Max. draught: 6.5m
Max. beam: No limit


This is the third largest city in Turkey and major port on the Aegean. There are some interesting places to visit here; Agora – the remains of the Roman bazaar, Konak – the main square and Kadifekale – a fort on a hill overlooking Izmir. The marina offers various facilities and technical services.

Latitude: 38°24.4’N
Longitude: 27°04.1’E
Berths: 70
6 for yachts from 25 to 30m
2 for yachts over 30m
Max. length: 35m
Max. draught: 3.5m
Max. beam: 8m


The marina is an excellent base to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding Aegean towns. One can visit the historical sites of Çesme Castle and the ruins Erithrai in Ildiri, or attend concerts and exhibitions. Besides usual services, the marina offers wintering and periodical maintenance as well.

Latitude: 38°19.5’N
Longitude: 26°20.8’E
Berths: 180
5 for yachts from 25 to 30m
1 for yachts over 30m
Max. length: 50m
Max. draught: 5m
Max. beam: 10m


The marina is located in an area of special interest with Ephesus, the Apollo Temple, Güzelçamli National Park…The marina offers a variety of maintenance services, painting, equipment, repair. It has been awarded the Blue Flag and it offers a comfortable berthing for yachts.

Latitude: 37°52.1’N
Longitude: 27°15.6’E
Berths: 390
40 for yachts from 25 to 30m
30 for yachts over 30m
Max. length: 80m
Max. draught: 5m
Max. beam: No limit


Yalikavak is situated at the northwest part of Bodrum peninsula, and it used to be a fishing and sponge divers village. The marina today provides boatyard, clinic, shops, cafes and restaurants, yacht club, fashion hairdresser, beach club, wireless Internet connection and it is more a resort than just a marina. There is an amphitheatre that hosts a number of various events throughout the season. Besides, the marina organizes several international regattas.

Latitude: 36°06.2’N
Longitude: 27°17.022’E
Berths: 450
48 for yachts from 25 to 30m
12 for yachts over 30m
Max. length: 65m
Max. draught: 8m
Max. beam: 10m


Netsel Marmaris marina is situated in the centre of Marmaris and it is one of the largest and most modern marinas in Turkey, however still remained unspoiled. The complex includes a large shopping centre, a yacht club, restaurants, bars, a supermarket, an amphitheatre, a swimming pool…It is very busy in the summer and during the yacht annual festival. The marina provides protection for over 750 yachts, as well as top class yachting services.

Latitude: 36°51.2’N
Longitude: 28°16.6’E
Berths: 750
10 for yachts from 25 to 30m
10 for yachts over 30m
Max. length: 40m
Max. draught: 18m
Max. beam: No limit


This region is one of the most popular cruising destinations in the world with beautiful sailing areas. The complex includes a hotel with 48 rooms, a business centre, wellness centre with Turkish bath and sauna. The marina provides all the services expected of the modern marina; Internet access, showering facilities, shops, ATM, bars, restaurants…It is the first class marina with respect to services, facilities, location, professional management and hospitality.

Latitude: 36°37.35’N
Longitude: 29°06’E
Berths: 400
60 for yachts from 25 to 30m
40 for yachts over 30m
Max. length: 60m
Max. draught: 8m
Max. beam: 10m


The marina is located in a traditional Mediterranean town of Finike. One can visit the ancient Lycian sites of Lymyra, Arykanda, Myra, Olympus…Finike is the main port of entry for yachts from Egypt, Cyprus and Israel. This is the Blue Flag marina that offers unspoiled diving habitats.

Latitude: 36°17’N
Longitude: 30°09’E
Berths: 350
30 for yachts from 25 to 30m
10 for yachts over 30m
Max. length: 80m
Max. draught: 4.5m
Max. beam: No limit


The marina provides 200 berths for yachts, including 24 private quays. This is a naturally protected marina and a safe shelter during the winter months. The marina services include Turkish baths, a restaurant, market, petrol station, fitness centre…

Latitude: 36°45’N
Longitude: 28°55.5’E
Berths: 160
42 for yachts from 25 to 30m
35 for yachts over 30m
Max. length: 100m
Max. draught: 10m
Max. beam: No limit


Sailing vacation in Turkey

Set sail for turquoise waters of the four seas of Turkey. You will surely experience a sailing adventure of historical and cultural features. Turkey is a land of ancient cities, magnificent scenery, rugged coastline, grand cliffs, warm, clear waters and favorable winds.


Some of the charter itineraries in Turkey cover regions such as Marmaris, Bodrum, Antalya and are available as 7 or 14 day round trips.

Crusising the coast of Turkey

Turkey is surrounded by turquoise waters of the four seas, the Mediterranean, the Aegean, the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara. Its indented coastline provides splendid bays, coves, inlets and different anchorages for yachtsmen where they can enjoy various water sport activities.

Bases in Turkey

Turkey is a land of four seas, thus it boasts of numerous ports and marinas. Here are some of the most important ports in the north along the coast of the Black Sea: Istanbul, Trabzon, Samsun and Sinop.

Organize the perfect vacation

A sailing vacation is an excellent option for it provides flexibility, independence and you can escape the crowd on shore and set sail to the open sea.